Alloy 925

UNS N09925
Trade Name Incoloy 925 (1)

General scope

Alloy 925 is a nickel based alloy containing Iron and Chromium as major additions, and also additions of Molybdenum, Copper, Titanium and Aluminium. A combination of high strength and corrosion resistance make it suitable in applications such as valves, hangers, packers, and tubulars, in sour gas environments. It can also be used for fasteners, and for pump shafts in marine environments.

The combination of Nickel and Chromium renders protection in both oxidizing and reducing atmospheres. The high Nickel content also gives resistance to chloride ion stress-corrosion cracking. Pitting and crevice corrosion resistance is also excellent. The alloy is produced by a vacuum remelt process, but can be supplied using an air melt single consumable electrode (VAR or ESR) practice if the material specification allows.

Chemical composition

C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo Cu NbCbTa Ti Al Fe
Min 19.50 42.00 2.50 1.50 1.90 0.10 22.00
Max 0.03 0.50 1.00 0.030 0.030 22.50 46.00 3.50 3.00 0.50 2.40 0.50 0.00

Mechanical properties

Condition: Solution Annealed and Age Hardened

NACE MR0175 limits the hardness to 38 HRC max.
U.T.S 140 KSI Min (965 N/mm2)
0.2% Proof Stress 110 KSI Min (758 N/mm2)
Elongation 20 %
Red of Area 20 %
CVN Impacts @ -60°C (-75°F) 47 Joules (35 ft-lbf)
Size range: 1”∅ - 12”∅

Primarily manufactured in:

  • Dubai, UAE
  • Edmonton, Canada
  • Houston, Texas
  • Sheffield, England
  • Singapore