Integrated Services

Cladding and Overlay

Weld overlay cladding provides protection against corrosion and wear for process and pipeline equipment. The weld clad process can be applied to extend the service life of new parts, or refurbish parts that have corroded or worn surfaces

Material and weight savings may be gained when a clad, high strength, quenched and tempered steel is used in a corrosive environment.

Weld cladding engineering of alloy steel with corrosion resistant alloys is a process widely used throughout the oil & gas industry.

This weld cladding process provides a cost effective surface treatment for components used in highly aggressive services where highly corrosive/erosive or extreme “wear” mechanisms prevail.

A wide range of qualified procedures are currently in place, for the overlay cladding of low alloy/carbon steels with Stainless Steel, Inconel, Monel, Stellite, Hastelloy.

In addition, procedures are available for other specialised applications such as overlay and fabrication of more exotic base materials such as 25% Cr duplex.

Corrosive resistant overlay cladding stations, supported by an extensive library of weld procedures, have provided Howco with significant leverage in the supply of components to the global oil tool markets.

  • Processor Controlled Multi Clad Workstations
  • Top Hat Stress Relieve Furnaces
  • Cooper Heat Local Stress Relieve Units

Welding Procedures

  • ASME 1X
  • BS 4515