Integrated Services


Howco has invested in a comprehensive range of inspection equipment to ensure full compliance and certification in accordance with today's demanding material requirement. This includes:

Faro Titanium CMM - coordinate measuring arm accurate to 0.005" in any direction with a range of 94" x 6 axis which provides printed dimensional reports.

Porta Dot Stamping Machines - computerised low stress marking

Brintronic - fully automated, accurate Brinell Hardness Inspection

Static Hardness Inspection - modified Brinell Hardness Inspection for large products

PMI - portable positive material identification units that provide a fast and accurate verification of chemical analysis.



Howco has added two CMM machines running the latest level of CAMIO software including Interactive Graphics Package & DMIS Engine.

Our LK G80 Co-ordinate measuring machine offers one of the largest sub-contract capacities in the UK, as many customer require inspection reports from an independent source.

The machines are laser calibrated every 6 months and calibration reports are available for inspection.

Customised inspection reports can be tailored to suit individual customer requirements, to help with the analysis of the data obtained.